David Mallett.

Introducing the hair care range of world-renowned hair stylist David Mallett. Available in-studio.

Shampoo No.1 L’Hydration.

Provides optimal, dermatological cleaning. It opens hair cuticles to allow moisture to penetrate to the very core, locking it in with lasting results.

Apply a small quantity of shampoo to wet hair. Massage, then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Conditioner No.1 L’Hydration.

In adverse weather and environmental conditions, hair becomes more demanding. This conditioner provides it with an extra moisture kick.

Mask No.1 L’Hydration.

Originally developed as a special moisturising treatment. After years of positive experience, however, the mask is now also available to purchase.

Australian Sea Salt Spray.

Australian Salt Spray perfectly recreates the effect the combination of sun, seawater and sea breeze gives to your hair. It creates beach-tousled curls, and gives hair a firm hold and natural volume.

The main active ingredient in Australian Salt Spray is the exquisite Murray River salt from New South Wales, Australia. Previously a well-kept secret reserved for international gourmet kitchens, its high magnesium and calcium content proves particularly beneficial for hair. It is extremely mild and is completely free from additives or preservatives.

Australian Salt Spray improves the hair texture without making it either heavy and sticky or dry. Your hair will fall naturally, giving you a perfect beach holiday look!

To activate the ingredients in Australian Salt Spray, shake the bottle several times. Apply three to six times over wet or dry hair and style using your fingers. Leave to dry naturally or blow-dry.

For a perfect after-beach look, David Mallett recommends applying a generous amount of Australian Salt Spray onto hair and using your fingers to create a tousled style. Leave to dry naturally. For a wavy effect, blow-dry hair and twirl into strands.

Volume Powder.

In a travel-sized pump dispenser. A highly effective product, reinforced with bamboo substances, increasing fullness and texture, giving incredible root lift and excellent hold that’s full of volume.


Shampoo No.2 Le Volume.

Offers perfect cleansing care for fine and limp hair. Its formula contains high levels of vitamins and trace elements.

Spray No.2 Le Volume.

The light, liquid formula of Spray No.2: LE VOLUME guarantees a glamorous effect whatever the style – without any stickiness! An ideal daily treatment for fine, limp hair.